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Custom PM Sensor for Poor Air Quality

We’ve been having bad air in the Bay Area for a few weeks now and it got me wondering how much was seeping into my house and garage. After a little tinkering, I finished a custom, portable PM2.5 and PM10.0 sensor. The initial build used a SDS011, which promptly died after a week. I moved on to the “less” accurate PMS5003 and have been quite happy with the results. Here’s the sensor in action.

Lightpack Backlight Array for TV

For a weekend project I built a backlight array for my TV which gives off ambient lighting according to what colors are being shown across the edges of the screen. Powered by a microduino and Abalight software for Mac.

According to the experts, backlights offset the brightness of the screen by lighting up the entire wall, while also giving the impression that the movie is bigger than just the screen.  I just say “woot.”